Are BBQ Restaurants Open On Sundays?

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Like many Americans your love for BBQ does not stop on Sunday. The weekend is winding down and with the perfect weather or sporting event you just can’t pass up some good BBQ. The question that led you here is “Are BBQ restaurants open on Sundays?” Yes. Many of BBQ restaurants across the United States are open on Sunday. Many of them do have reduced hours, but still allows for enough time to get your favorite ribs, meat, sides, or sauces for your BBQ party.

Are All BBQ Restaurants Open On Sunday Now?

No. There are still some owners that choose to close on Sunday to allow for their staff to have a day of rest. Some may note that it also allows staff and family members to attend religious events that generally take place on Sunday mornings.

Are Any Famous BBQ Joints Closed On Sunday?

Yes. There are several award winning BBQ restaurants that still close as of 2021. Joe’s Kansas City BBQ is one of the most popular restaurants that we know of that still does not open it’s doors on Sunday.

How to Get Your Favorite BBQ On Sunday

Like we mentioned before, there are many options still available to choose from, but if your favorite restaurant is closed on the day of your event or football party we suggest you order as late as possible on Saturday night and refrigerate your food until Sunday.

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